Saturday, December 19, 2015

Belgium Nuclear plant Junk

What is wrong with our western nations. This guy to just too old to be running and impossible to maintained. It should be a 2000s vintage plant. 
Fire shuts down nuclear reactor in Belgium 
December 19, 2015 - 8:48:44 am\ 
Brussels: A nuclear reactor at Tihange power station in Belgium has been turned off because of a fire in the plant, media reports said Saturday.
Reactor unit 1 was automatically switched off during the fire on Friday evening, which occurred in a non-nuclear section of the plant. The incident did not impact workers, the public or the environment, operator Electrabel said, according to Belga news agency.
Tihange is located about 70 kilometers west of the German border town of Aachen.
Earlier in the week, the plant's reactor unit 2 was restarted after a nearly two-year shutdown despite the objections of neighboring German officials, who called the decision 'irresponsible'.
Electrabel said it put the reactor back online 'in complete safety'. The facility has long been criticized as a potential safety hazard, with Germany's North Rhine-Westphalia Environment Minister Johannes Remmel recently calling it a 'crumbling reactor' and accusing Belgian authorities of 'playing Russian roulette'.
  • Tihange 1: 962 MWe (1975)
  • Tihange 2: 1008 MWe (1983)
  • Tihange 3: 1015 MWe (1985)

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