Tuesday, May 02, 2017

The Huge New Hinsdale/Brattleboro Route 119 Bridge Construction Project Begins

This always has been a disgusting political indictment condemning all of us. It is ridicules all the details not now being all worked out, with the broader game plan sitting in idle waiting for the funding. The NHDOT is terrible underfunded, as is the care of our poor and defenseless foster children. There always was a destructive rivalry between the states and our two small towns. The primary cause of this is the level of object poverty in our two towns. Why do I think all issues delaying the building of the new bridge is a agenda to not spend money. Welcome to the balkanization of the USA where every state, person, town and city is nation-state unto their own! Where the weak federal government is too intimidated to set our over arching laws, codes and regulations. We are a nation of squabblers with no set direction. It is a steep regression of a once great nation.

Is our great savior only President Trump!!!         

It is a indictment on our forth estate!!! Where they don't have the skills and resources to comprehensively paint our horrendous dysfunctions with our greater good.

That is why I was running my around that bridge protesting for three years like a mad man with a fake homemade halo on my head and then yanking unattached planks from a walkway of a grossly obsolete 1920s era rust bucket bridge. It was the best $1500 dollars I ever spent.

And the greatest over arcing issue of it all, always with tears in my eyes and infinite sorrows in my heart, is how severe and horrendously underfunded all our great institutions serving our common good have become.

We have become a geography of individual nation states with no glue to hold us together. It truly is survival of the fittest  We are aiming for nothing but our individual self interest. It is a great regression of democracy itself.

Sometimes with my fake homemade halo on my head, I feel like I am the only sane person in the USA.      

A new bridge might finally be built, adding a chapter to a story that began in 1977
Originally published in The Commons issue #406 (Wednesday, May 3, 2017).
By Wendy M. Levy/The Commons
BRATTLEBORO—How long does it take to build a new bridge?
When it connects two states across a body of water, includes a railroad grade crossing and a hazardous waste site, and involves one of Brattleboro’s least-favorite intersections, it could take 40 years.
And they haven’t even started construction…
I just last week gave the Keene Sentinel a heads up. I asked them to check into when my bridge build is to begin? It seems they blew me off. It is a $35 million dollar project. I don't understand why the local papers don't keep us updated on the huge construction project.

Sitting aside the marina today is a NHDOT soil sampling rig. They pull out bore holes of dirt, they evaluate the soil conditions in advance of the project. They drill down many feet or to bed rock. Then the engineers figure out what kind of bridge footing are needed for a particular bridge.

I wonder when the actual dirt digging begins???

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