Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Junk Plant Grand Gulf: Congratulation After More Than two Weeks, They Reached 100%


This guys are going to have another deep down power event before another month is out based on their history.

***The overarching issue here is if you follow the rules and procedure to the letter of the law, the start-up will take four of five time longer than ignoring the rules and procedures. This is the root of all violation, incidents and accident all across the nation. You temporarily make more money by violating the rules and procedures.

I don’t buy it for a second that mass retirement diluted the skills of the employees. Many senior employees won’t transfer deep skills to their underlings because this dilutes their own value to upper management. I just think Entergy nuclear is a shitty company to work for, this the high turnover.

Again, a high population of employees nearing retirement based on first startup, it is what all plants have to go through. It is a common phenomena. All good management plans for this.

We are going to talking about the NRC’s victimology of bad actor plants. This is enabling bad behavior that never ends, with bad actor plants all across the USA.   

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