Sunday, February 23, 2020

Evidence The Chinese Coronavirus Fatality Rate Is Being Gamed.

The reason for this is the virus is so infectious and deadly it would immediately crater the world 's economy and stock market. I am betting the coronavirus fatality rate is between 25% and 50%. I would say there are two panic stages. These panic stages just might be more damaging than the virus.

Stage one panic: When the country or world first appreciates the dangerousness of a particular virus. Everyone would reorganize their lives and money for a particularly dangerous virus. Panic would set in, vast shortages of basic commodities and much business failures. The dropping dead bodies right in front of your eyes might be many months ahead.  

Stage two panic: The dead bodies would tremendously increase, everyone would be terrified by the possibility of their own death or the sickness and death of their loves one. This panic would be primordial. This panic has the highest probability of societal destabilization.  

These two doctors worked at a nearby hospital in Wuhan. They died helping these very sick people. I wonder how many medical buddies they seen die in recent  days. What were their ages? The suspicion is why are these doctors so young. The whole world thinks the majority of the dead are  the old agers such as in 80s and 90s years old.

These rock star coronavirus doctors were  highly popular. They would be suspicious if they were just disappeared. So the Chinese authorities would want to release the deaths of these doctors and their infection for their own protection. The authorities are desperate to maintain their public credibility.

This is my evidence the coronavirus is killing a lot of young and middle age people. The majority of the dead people killed by the virus are rather no name people and the elderly. Nobody would care if the dead weren't added or taken off the list. This is how the whole system is artificially keeping the fatality rate low. They just aren't adding by the correct percentage the young or middle age people to the dead person list.  

Dr. Huang Wenjun 42 years old

Dr Xia Sisi 29

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