Friday, July 14, 2017

Arkansas Nuclear One: Extraordinary NRC Hand Holding And Little Self-Direction

This is the roadmap of a horribly defective and unsafe organization. We still don't know what drove it. It condemns the NRC oversight and the value of the ROP. Once again a terrible accident, a humongous surprise, in this killing one and injuring eight. Outside the trigging event, we find a horrendous boatload of violations and organization chaos never addressed by the NRC and licensee prior to the accident. Why even have regulations if your don't enforce them. It is the accident that uncovers the never addressed violations. It is the total breakdown on the on site NRC inspection. A good NRC would have observed the darkening storm clouds, hit the plant with enormous resources like just like occurred after the drop accident. The politicians have made the NRC inspectors blind and reactionary...not anticipatory.  I am sure there are many plants out there with multitudes of known unaddressed violation just like ANO pre stator drop accident  waiting for a big accident...waiting for the accident to exposed the whole rotten show. I guarantee you, another accident in another plant, will soon show up and model this ANO even.

I am sure once the NRC drops their intensive inspection activities, this is what the function of this inspection...the progress will quickly decay away. They just don't  have enough funding for upkeep for all their plants

I see chaotic conditions and poor capacity all across Entergy's southern regulated fleet. In propping up ANO, they stole funding from the remaining southern fleet. I am shocked the NRC can't see this association.

I doubt ANO will ever have the capacity factor they had before the stator drop accident... obviously the NRC and licensee corruption was propping up capacity and profits...

***That man wouldn't be dead if the NRC didn't have a regime of not violating all violation. The system would have picked up the disorder and cleared it before the stator drop.  
July 14, 2017

EA-14-008 EA-14-088 EA-16-124


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