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Poll shows U.S. tumbling in world’s regard under Trump
The inside track on Washington politics.
June 26 at 8:00 PM

BERLIN — President Trump has alarmed citizens of the nation’s closest allies and others worldwide, diminishing the standing of the United States in their eyes, according to a wide-ranging international study released Monday.
But in the survey of 37 countries, Russia is a bright spot for Trump. As beleaguered as the president is at home, a majority of Russians say they have confidence in him. And Russians’ attitudes toward the United States have improved since Trump took office.
Elsewhere, though, and with remarkable speed, Trump’s presidency has taken a toll on the United States’ image abroad…

USS Fitzgarald: The Immorality of the Navy With This Line

Would you even want to be in that Navy if they would leave you behind a flooding hatch unless they have 500% you were dead.  Somebody was saying another sailor rescued 20 sailors in those flooding compartment. Does it even matter if they were dead or alive, if you didn't have 100% proof everyone was dead.  
New details emerge in USS Fitzgerald collision investigation

By CNN Published: June 26, 2017, 9:09 pm

(CNN) — Five of the seven Navy sailors who died aboard the guided-missile destroyer USS Fitzgerald when it collided with a cargo ship off the east coast of Japan may have been almost instantly “incapacitated” and died quickly, according to a preliminary Navy analysis, a defense official told CNN.

That assessment is based on an examination of the point of impact and the berths in which the sailors were likely sleeping.

The two ships collided on the Fitzgerald’s starboard side directly next to the berthing area, where sailors sleep. The impact ripped the Fitzgerald open and caused water to pour in.

The official also noted the Navy is trying to corroborate accounts which suggest that the two sailors who weren’t almost instantly “incapacitated” attempted to help the other five escape the incoming water.

“But at some point the ship somehow lost communication,” with the two sailors and they also perished, according to the official. All seven were found dead in the flooded area…

A Quick Retrospective On The Obama's Presidency: He Was A Traitor To The USA's Greater Interest.

Grave war clouds were approaching our nation. All he was interested in was a so called fair elections and the middle of the road politics. The old no drama Obama. All the politicians can be seen in the same vein. He should have been preparing the nation for war no matter what is did to this election cycle or any . He shouldn't have cared if it ruined his popularity or legacy. That is called being a patriate.

I have always disgusted extremist right wing government hating politicians.

Can you see it ready, Trump must have trumped up this war. Even before the war, it was illegitimate in the eyes of the citizens. We are going to have no cohesion.

This is what extreme partisan politics has brought us.

USS Fitzgerald: ACX Crystal's Bridge Was Manned?

I don't believe this captain and flashing of the lights was not recordable. He might have a point if the bridge voices was recorded.

These ship owners have gotten pretty smart. They get the lawyers involved in ship construction. I doubt the auto pilot manual inputs get recorded on liability issues. Why record information that would damn you in court?  
Did the NYT's article force ACX Crystal's owner's hand to disclose? 
Report: US warship was warned of collision
A U.S. warship that collided with a container vessel earlier this month was reportedly warned ahead of the collision.
An incident report by the ACX Crystal's captain said the Philippine cargo ship flashed lights warning the USS Fitzgerald was on course to cross its path, Reuters reported.

Will NRC's Svinicki get renominated

Friday is the drop dead date.
Her current term is set to expire Friday, which would leave the NRC one seat shy of a quorum on the five-seat commission. Catherine Douglas Moran will cover
The gutless democrats will renominate her just because she is a women. Remember all the talk about obstructing Trump. If they don't vote on her she is out of the NRC.

Svinicki's confirmation vote set for today

Holy Shit, I Know What The Russians Are Doing

reposted from 6/24

update June 26

I wonder to what extent the Russians can dominate our airways with stories like this. How many secret internet time bombs they got planted all over our government and corporations. 
CNN: Government websites in 3 states hacked with ISIS messages
Did the Russians do this for the ISIS? 
The websites of Ohio Governor John Kasich and other state government agencies were hacked on Sunday with a posting professing love for the jihadist group Islamic State.Ten state websites and two servers were affected, and they’ve been taken off line for an investigation with law enforcement into how the hackers were able to deface them, said Tom Hoyt, a spokesman for the Ohio Department of Administrative Services.
reposted from 6/23
Are the Russian reading my blog and thumping the west's nose? 

British Parliament Hit by Cyberattack, Affecting Email Access

LONDON — The British Parliament was the target of a cyberattack that left many legislators unable to connect to their email on Saturday as remote access to accounts was disabled as a security measure.
Legislators were made aware of the problem on Friday night, and Chris Rennard, a Liberal Democrat member of the House of Lords, publicized the problem in a Twitter message on Saturday, saying those with “urgent messages” should text him.
Last week, there were reports in The Times of London that the passwords of British cabinet ministers, ambassadors and senior police officers were being sold online after Russian hacking groups gained access.
According to The Times, the stolen data revealed the private login details of 1,000 British members of Parliament and parliamentary staff, 7,000 police employees and more than 1,000 Foreign Office officials.
The National Cyber Security Center, which was set up to protect the country against cyberattacks, said that it would reissue guidance to government departments after being presented with the findings.
The parliamentary authorities are also working with the center to protect the network and ascertain the scale of the damage, according to a spokeswoman for the House of Commons, who did not provide a name by British convention.
In a statement, the spokeswoman said that “the Houses of Parliament have discovered unauthorized attempts to access parliamentary user accounts. We are continuing to investigate this incident and take further measures to secure the computer network, liaising with the National Cyber Security Center.”
The parliamentary authorities are also working with the center to protect the network and ascertain the scale of the damage, according to a spokeswoman for the House of Commons, who did not provide a name by British convention.
“those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety”.
SIEGEL: So far from being a pro-privacy quotation, if anything, it's a pro-taxation and pro-defense spending quotation.
The predicate here is, the government cybersecurity protections assumes I am very destructive Russian internet terrorist on incomplete information with knocking on the NRC’s IT door.  They have to have triplicate proof I am safe. There is very little differentiation between me (being a US citizen in good standing) and an internet terrorist. This thing is only get worst and increasingly prevent good citizens from participating in my government. You know, based on incomplete information, we are just going have to block you from participation. The cyber protection schemes are shredding democracy in the name of safety and protection. We got to be bigger than this.  

Mike Mulligan

June 23 12:10 PM (5 minutes ago)
to NRC
Mrs. Warnek, 
Again, I am always the dummy in the room. Why am I obsessed with trying to figure out the big picture? Why are the circuits in my brain so screwed up? Why can’t I lead a normal life? I know what the Russians are up to.
Though a spasm of cyber security protection needs for survival, the government is blinding its outside view of the world and cyber security protection is disconnecting the peoples from government. The Russians and other internet terrorist are severely disrupting communication channels between the peoples of a nation and government itself through a spasm of excessive government cybersecurity protection. The Russians are seriously interfering with my participation in government. Somebody has to bring this up to high NRC officials. It’s a national and global imperative to figure this out and create workarounds.  Can you even imagine the magnitude of this problem though all US agencies and all levels of government? Massive cyber security protection levels are being jacked up all across our government.
You got to game this out. What if the Russians are increasingly disconnecting us from our government? I am certain we are disconnecting the Russian peoples from its government in a similar way or worst way. What is the world going to look like with two nations spinning around with its people being disconnected from its government? This is not a dialectic issue between two nations…it is going on across ever advanced nation. How is the world going to look like with most of the advanced nations being disconnected from its people?
This began today as an innocent discussion between the 2.206 coordinator and me. We just backed into three cyber security protection issues that impaired my participation in communicating with my government. You need to talk to her about our discussion today. You know, outside this issue, she impressed me. We had a free and open discussion within rules about the security…
She was blocked from going onto my blog
The yahoo reputation problem
 A warning my response has to be checked out by cyber security people
Now the reason why I am communicating with you.  Would you send her this below?
“More On Belgium Nuclear Reactor Vessel Cracks”
"However, a French newspaper revealed last week that metal specimens harvested from the Flamanville Unit 3 reactor pressure vessel, and subjected to shock resilience testing, fell dramatically below regulatory performance standards. A newly surfaced memo (jn French) from a leading safety physicist at the prestigious Institute of Radioprotection and Nuclear Safety said that, if subjected to violent pressure-thermal shock, the EPR reactor pressure vessel could shatter. Such a rupture could lead to a major loss of coolant accident and subsequently a nuclear meltdown."
I am so sorry for being an asshole!
Mike Mulligan
Hinsdale, NH

Sunday, June 25, 2017

US Needs to Declare War, Put Nation On The Highest War Footing and Declare Devcon1

This is the real shape of the Navy. Seen in every ship in the USA and implicated in the USS Fitzgerald. Are we really ready for global war???  Competent Navy and Congressional investigators would demand a fleet wide investigation to see if similar issues their also when this was written. 
2. As with most mishaps, a series of factors often contribute to failure. This mishap is no different. A fundamental lack of procedural compliance was the principal cause but contributing factors included: a lack of effective leadership; a culture of complacency and overconfidence by some members of Crew 101 combined with a lack of experience and expertise; and a systemic failure to effectively arid completely resolve deficiencies. The investigation, supplemental investigation and endorsements adequately capture the proximate issues and co11'ective actions.
3. Several key senior-level leadership oppmtunities to intervene were either missed or poorly executed. Although intervention by leadership above the unit level might not have prevented this incident, leadership should have recognized and addressed the following shortcomings: failure to follow the governing instruction for Crew tumover, specifically not executing the necessary underway demonstration; lack of involvement by LCSRON ONE and DESRON SEVEN in the material assessment during the Exchange of Command; lack of evaluation or certification for the LCSRON ONE Engineering Training Team in accordance with the LCS Training Manual; failure of Crew 101 to complete Engineering Assessments- Pacific's recommended actions prior to conducting Exchange of Command as well as Crew 101 's failure to successfully complete full deployment certification. Perhaps most importantly, both the parent ISIC and the operational !SIC recognized they had a Crew whose perfmmance was below that expected of a deployed unit and little to no mitigating actions were taken. It was not an issue of recognizing the performance but more of taking effective action to correct it. These 63 FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY
opportunities were largely missed due to organizational issues above the LCS unit level. Clear, unambiguous command and control functions—who owns what, when —above the unit level are mtssmg.

It's a national disgrace. This is telegraphing to us how startling tight the USA's military resources are. Why didn't we have a spare ship to take over the Fitz's job...  
Cease all commercial shipyard work and focus it on fleet maintenance and rebuilding our navy.  
Hmm, a Russian inspired proxy war with North Korea could take out the USA, the western world and China. How would a global collapse favor the Russian authoritarian regime?    

Remember Obama's silence on Russia's meddling in our election. They are all the same.  

CNN:Trump Risk Stumbling Into War

Trump doesn't have a Choice. Our adversaries perceived us as weak and politically in the ditch. The citizens hates and mistrust its government. Chances are if war was started, our financial system and nation in general will splinter. The western economies will collapse and humongous terrorism. The natural result of this is the west will be forced into interment camps in most nations. This is the best bet in a hundred years to knock the USA off world stage permanently.    

The writing is on the wall, global war has already started. The fuse has been lit. It can't be reversed. 

Its now time to hit first and attack!!!

I am putting up at USA flag on my front door in full support of my nation and to support of  our military!!! It's time for everyone in the USA as a gesture of full support for our nation to put a US flag up in our yards and front doors..

A nation full of cars with USA bumper sticker!!!

Grand Gulf's Southern Polar Vortex In Their Spring


Don't forget the historic unreliability of the whole Entergy's fleet of nuclear plants!!!!

Check out all the grid and plant issues that conspired to create a grid emergency. Grand Gulf had horrendous grid availability for the last few years
Patton also noted that the transmission and generation outages and extreme weather in the South led to 22 days of conservative operations in load pockets and three days with maximum generation alerts in April. An emergency maximum generation event on April 4 was spurred by the loss of a large nuclear unit, apparently Entergy’s Grand Gulf 1 in Mississippi, which the Nuclear Regulatory Commission reported going out of service because of a condensate leak.

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The Real Fitzgarald Story

Tells with why the accident occurred in this picture. Do not look in the accident area.

Related image

Trump lives in an symbolic and impeccable $100 million dollar palaces and resorts. The image boost his statue. Check out the beautiful and impeccable images of the Capital and White House. The image of this ship is seen throughout the world. The ship represents the statue, reach and power of the of the USA, This guy is a disgraceful rust bucket. Why isn't the outside paint job maintained impeccable.

We are talking about grossly defective Navy priorities and massive resource limitations. The key word is sequestration... 

Bet you the hidden crew culture-safety culture and inside maintenance, components and electronics, their reliability, looks and acts like the outside rust bucket. Bet you the Navy ships and this guy are operating at 50% reliability and combat effectiveness.       
Another key phrase, USS Fort Worth combining gear failure report. A abysmal crew culture based on indifferent Admirals and out of the loop. The on shore Navy senior staff was incompetent and distracted. I'll bet you they were feeding shipyard profits on the new build by throttling resources to the fleet. Widespread Navy corruption based on the "Fat Lenard" model stateside. The Navy is riddled with fraud and corruption and the 4th estate is asleep at the switch.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

More On Belguim Nuclear Reactor Vessel Cracks

Beyond Nuclear stole my idea :) Good for him. They don't even give me credit for my creativity. It has always been that way between a bum(me)and somebody with a college degree. All these elites are the same. There is no honor with thieves.   

Permanently Closed U.S. Nuclear Reactor Should Be "Autopsied"

Examination could identify potential safety flaws in operating reactors with parts from same controversial French forge
TAKOMA PARK, Md. - A permanently closed nuclear reactor in Florida that, documents show, likely has a manufactured weakness in a vital safety component produced by a controversial French forge that also supplied components to 17  still operating U.S. reactors, should be “autopsied,” says Beyond Nuclear, a leading national anti-nuclear watchdog group.
The Crystal River Unit 3 reactor in Red Level, Florida, was permanently closed in 2013 and is in the decommissioning process. Research by Beyond Nuclear staff found that the Florida reactor likely shares an at-risk safety-related component manufactured at the French Le Creusot forge that is currently shut down and under international investigation for the loss of quality control of its manufacturing process and falsification of quality assurance documentation. The Crystal River reactor pressure vessel head was supplied by a factory at Chalon-Saint Marcel that assembles pieces forged at Le Creusot, both Areva-owned factories.
“The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission should seize upon this opportunity and ‘autopsy’ Crystal River 3,” said Paul Gunter, Director of the Reactor Oversight Project at Beyond Nuclear. “A close examination of Crystal River could provide critical safety data to inform the decision-making on whether the seventeen U.S. reactors still operating with at-risk Le Creusot parts should also be materially tested,” Gunter said.
The Le Creusot factory forges large ingots into safety-related components such as reactor pressure vessels, pressure vessel lids and steam generators.
The French industrial facility was discovered to be operating with lax quality control procedures that allowed the introduction of an excessive amount of carbon contamination into its manufacturing process, a problem technically known as “carbon segregation.”
The excess carbon weakens the component’s “fracture toughness” in the face of the reactor’s extreme pressure and temperature. Failure of a weakened component during operation would initiate the loss of cooling to the reactor and a serious nuclear accident.
At-risk safety components potentially containing these flaws, and manufactured at the Creusot Forge, have been delivered to reactors in France, other countries and the United States over a period of decades.
The NRC published Areva’s list in January 2017 identifying the 17 operational U.S. reactors with the at-risk components from the French forge. However, the federal agency did not disclose that Crystal River also installed a Le Creusot-manufactured replacement pressure vessel head during the October 2003 refueling outage and then operated the unit for nearly a decade before permanently closing.
“This information provides the incentive to do material testing on a component here in the U.S. from the suspect forge,” Gunter added. “It is only common sense, when presented in effect with the corpse, that the NRC should autopsy Crystal River before the body is buried,” he continued. ”This is a chance to better understand scientifically what the potential risks are at operating reactors with Le Creusot parts rather than relying on computer modeling, simulation or speculation,” Gunter said.

“For the sake of science and public safety, it is fortuitous that Crystal River, which operated for nearly a decade with a possible Le Creusot replacement component, is now permanently shut down and can be materially examined,” Gunter concluded.
The carbon segregation problem was first discovered at the Areva-designed EPR reactor still under construction, and now well over budget and behind schedule, at the Flamanville Unit 3 in Normandy, France. French safety authorities are investigating and are expected to make a decision in September on whether to continue with the troubled Flamanville reactor which experts say does not meet the fracture resistance standards.
Beyond Nuclear petitioned the NRC on January 24, 2017 to suspend operations at the 17 affected U.S. reactors pending thorough inspections and material testing for the carbon contamination of the at-risk components and to open an investigation into the potential falsification of Le Creusot quality assurance documentation. To date, the NRC has accepted the petition in part for further review and in part referred the potential falsification of documents to the federal agency’s allegations unit.
Only one affected nuclear plant, Dominion Energy’s Millstone 2 in Connecticut, has conducted a visual inspection on a Creusot Forge component at the behest of the state energy authority, but did not observe any defects or cracking.
However, a French newspaper revealed last week that metal specimens harvested from the Flamanville Unit 3 reactor pressure vessel, and subjected to shock resilience testing, fell dramatically below regulatory performance standards. A newly surfaced memo (jn French) from a leading safety physicist at the prestigious Institute of Radioprotection and Nuclear Safety said that, if subjected to violent pressure-thermal shock, the EPR reactor pressure vessel could shatter. Such a rupture could lead to a major loss of coolant accident and subsequently a nuclear meltdown.
Beyond Nuclear aims to educate and activate the public about the connections between nuclear power and nuclear weapons and the need to abandon both to safeguard our future. Beyond Nuclear advocates for an energy future that is sustainable, benign and democratic.

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The Michael Flynn Problem: All Over a Joint US/Russia Mideast $100 Billion Nuke Plant Deal

It would be a great relationship building project for the US and Russia. It would be the installed doomsday bomb in Saudi Arabia. All Iran needs to do is to target one of the 16 nuclear plants...the results would be massively disruptive to the Saudis and the rest of the world. The world and this region is just too unstable for these nuclear plants. But if we clean out the Mideast swamp? Who knows?
Where is our $100 billion 16 nuclear plant infrastructure project is the USA? 

Was all this Russia thing about aligning Russia more closely to the USA against the China juggernaut?  Can one even imagine a world with the USA and Russia teammates?  

House Democrats demand info on Michael Flynn’s alleged Saudi Arabia visit over Russia nuclear plant deal

WASHINGTON — House Democrats are demanding that Michael Flynn disclose more information about an alleged trip to Saudi Arabia to promote a possible joint U.S.-Russian project there that he failed to disclose when he renewed his security clearance.

President Trump’s former national security adviser, already in legal trouble, reportedly made a trip to the Middle East in the middle of the 2016 campaign, when he was a senior Trump adviser.

According to Newsweek, he was there to try to negotiate a joint project with Americans and Russians to build nuclear power plants in the Middle East. That trip was not disclosed when he renewed his top security clearance ahead of becoming Trump’s top national security official, with access to almost all of the U.S.’s top secrets.

The top Democrats on the House Oversight and House Foreign Affairs committees are now demanding he share any documents he has from those trips.

“In contrast to this report, we have no record of Gen. Flynn reporting this trip or any contacts with foreign officials on his security clearance renewal application or in his interview with security clearance investigators,” wrote Reps. Elijah Cummings (D-Md.) and Eliot Engel (D-Bronx).

Shortly after the trip, Saudi Arabia and Russia announced a $100 billion agreement to build 16 nuclear power plants in the country.

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Was the Philippine Container Ship Crashing Into The US Destroyer Fitzgerald a Terrorist Attack  

Update 6/21

Honestly, is this really military honor. The ethos of we never leave a brother behind. The NYT's has a big spread on deaths of the sailors...most of them came from immigrant communities. They are basically foreign slaves because good American kids aren't that patriotic today enough to join the Navy. They are basically working immigrant slaves in the military. Is it survival of the fittest against the immigrant Navy sailors and good American sailors thousands of miles away from the USA, in the of dark night and the collision of two ocean vessels . It has always been the elites against lower class in the Navy. Do you close the hatch behind a flooding compartment to save the ship or do you never leave your brother behind in a flooding compartment even if it causes you to lose the ship. You got to know somebody ordered the hatch closed knowing sailors could be alive in the compartment. You got to wonder if the guy making the order was thinking, well, most of them are immigrant anyways?  So lets save the ship by closing the hatch. They could have continued working on getting everyone out alive and no bodies behind, or prepare the sailors to abandoned the ship and continue the operation to save lives and bring out the dead. Being next to Japan, there would have been a flotilla of aircraft and ships heading to the collision area in order to pick up the sailors floating in the seas if it came to that.

We are in era of fake heroism. The bankrupt forth estate is run by nothing but corporate right wing fanatics. This is a classic propaganda ploy by the admirals and administrative deep state to pump up fake heroism, protect the military industrial complex and politicians.You know they charged their administrative aids to juice up whatever heroism and altruism stories you can find about the collision. We want to flood the media with heroism stories in the opening stages of the catastrophe with preventable deaths. This sets the fundamental historic story of the event in a concrete foundation of altruism at sea. This is how we always successfully protected ourselves. The Navy is really good at this.

Do you remember the condition of our Navy in the second half of the Vietnam war. Ship sabotage by  demoralized sailors were rampant. Race riots abounded on many ships. There was tremendous preventable fires and explosions on aircraft carriers. All sorts of stupid accidents and fires everywhere. Maintenance on ships was horrific and ship safety took a back seat to meeting the goals of our war.  Are we in that condition today, but it is hidden from us. Is it more altruistic to crush your adversary as quickly possible using the full force of a nation's capabilities. To be as brutal as one can imagine. Get the dirty job done as quick as possible.  Or drag out a war for years and decades where  most of your troops are demoralized. You fight a long term was on the cheep. You hollow out your military forces with a extraordinary military tempo for decades. Right in WWII, we crushed our enemies as fast as we could. Then we rebuilt countries into Japan and Germany of today. Is it really moral and    


Update 6/20

Does this indicate the North Koreans did it?
Donald J. TrumpVerified account @realDonaldTrump 24 minutes ago

"While I greatly appreciate the efforts of President Xi & China to help with North Korea, it has not worked out. At least I know China tried!
They say the ship bridge might not be manned during this. What a perfect opportunity to take over the ship.

Seems North Korea is preparing for nuclear explosion. Was the Fitzgerald  a North Korean intimidation project. When we detonate our bomb, if a USA retaliatory response...this is the example of our terrorism plague.

There seems to be a lot of organize terrorism events showing up in a short period of time coming from different entities. Iran, ISIS and North Korea among other. Now for us, death by thousands of terrorism paper cuts. What if effectively Iran, North Korea, ISIS declared war on us. Terrorism that creates massive chaos, but not enough for the US to go full scale war. A war or skirmish that illuminates our political weakness? Can you even imagine the chaos in the White House with this. Stock markets would crash world wide. You think this might discover more financial problems during the 2008 crash. It's not any war would should fear, but the financial implosion aftermath.   These bad actors must understand how politically vulnerable we at this point of time. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity to permanently damage the USA. If war strikes, is the terrorism in Europe a bad actor plan to strip Europe for the American umbellar. Will Europe become a neutral player? I think our bad actors are setting up a big play...    

Update: This now should be a full national security investigation. Was the Fitz a target of opportunity or was the operation carefully planned and coordinated. The Japanese are saying the container ship captain is being investigated for professional negligence.

This guy from a on board sailor's mother letter says the container ship turned off it GPS tracking and all of its outside lights. He thinks its a North Korean operation as the Fitz was doing surveillance around North Korea. I am skeptical.  

What to make of this: (AFP) — Saudi Arabia said on Monday that it captured three Iranian Revolutionary Guards aboard an explosive-laden boat heading to an oil platform in the Gulf, further ratcheting up tensions in the region.

...It looks like the container ship was aiming directly for the bridge. It T-boned our ship right in the middle of our ship at ninety degree angle. The container ship went spearfishing for a US Navy ship.
You would think if this was a accident, the ships would have hit at a glancing blow, hit the US Fitzgerald in the forward or after quarter. If this was a accident, eventually either bridge would see each other, attempt to turn away from each other, but to late. That would get you to hit in the aft or forward quarter at a glancing blow. Honestly, it was a honey shoot for a torpedo hitting amidships and directly aimed at the bridge.    

Hmm, our Navy Seals just went into a Philippine town held by the ISIS. They wanted us to clear out the terrorist.  Remember, the Philippine president was recently bad mouthing us.  ISIS is mowing down people in cars, trucks and vans. Is it a reach saying a ISIS sympathizer intentionally drove the container ship to the Fitz as a terrorist attack...getting even? Was the container ship hunting the Fitz?  

Energy Secretary Rick Perry Just killed The Nuclear Industry

I would put it global warming is just too complicated to predict. Pricing green energy and the increasingly gamed systems, especially with electricity, is just too corrupt to do any good.  The electric system corruption leaking into our broad society is much more damaging to the planet than global warming. We need to reset everything...
Overnight Energy: Perry questions role of carbon dioxide in climate change
By  06/19/17 05:46 PM EDT 
PERRY QUESTIONS CARBON'S ROLE IN CLIMATE: Energy Secretary Rick Perry said he doesn't believe carbon dioxide is the "primary control knob" behind climate change on Monday, a position at odds with the conclusions of most climate scientists.
Asked by CNBC on Monday if he believes carbon dioxide is "the primary control knob for the temperature of the Earth and for climate," Perry said no, and that "most likely the primary control knob is the ocean waters and this environment we live in."
"This shouldn't be a debate about is the climate changing, is man having an affect on it? Yeah, we are," Perry said. "The question should be, just how much and what are the policy changes that we need to make to affect that?"
Perry's position goes against the scientific evidence presented by most federal, international and private sector researchers, who have concluded that increasing greenhouse gas emissions, driven primarily by human activity, have directly contributed to higher temperatures around the globe.
Perry becomes the second of President Trump's energy and environmental officials to go on CNBC's "Squawk Box" to dispute well-established climate science. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator Scott Pruitt said on the same show in March that he "does not believe carbon dioxide is a primary contributor" to climate change.

More Belgium Nuclear Reactor Cracks-Can't Trust Nuclear Institutions and Ultrasonic Inspection?

The cover-up began as a too restrictive detector orientation issue. The procedure requires a specific detector orientation. They knew initially the detector would only pick up a proportion of the vessel cracks (fraud). They next inspection they reoriented the detector finding more "so called" old cracks. UT is snake oil as the results are highly susceptible to the skills of the operators. The NRC even thinks the same in a new report. It depend too much on human interpretations.

The US nuclear industry is too highly dependent on UTing all piping. It is inexpensive and quick...not bullet proof reliable for safety systems.  
Dozens of new cracks discovered at Belgian nuclear reactors
Published time: 11 Jun, 2017 04:00 Edited time: 11 Jun, 2017 09:34

The latest ultrasonic inspections have detected a substantial number of new micro cracks in nuclear reactors at the Tihange and Doel power plants in Belgium since the last study conducted three years ago, Belgian and German media report.
At least 70 additional cracks were uncovered at the Tihange 2 nuclear reactor during an ultrasonic inspection in April of this year, Belga news agency reports. Some 300 new flaws have also allegedly been discovered at the Doel 3 reactor tank during a check last November, according to  
Belgian Interior Minister, Jan Jambon, confirmed the micro fissures at Tihange 2 following a parliamentary inquiry posed by Green Group leader Jean-Marc Nollet, DW reports. The reported new cracks at Doel 3 have not yet been confirmed. 
The cracks do not pose any danger to operations at the nuclear plants, says operator Engie-Electrabel, which carried out the inspections under instructions from the Belgian Atomic Regulatory Authority (FANC).
The operator said the new flaws were discovered due to a “different positioning of the ultrasound device.” Engie-Electrabel maintains that as long as cracks do not expand, they do not pose a danger to the reactor’s operations.
Branding Engie-Electrabel “irresponsible,” environmentalist group, NuclĂ©aire Stop, has criticized the operator for still running Tihange 2 reactor despite a 2.22 percent increase in faults.
In February 2015, FANC said 3,149 cracks had been found at Tihange, while 13,047 were discovered at Doel. The operator must now submit additional analyzes of the situation by September.
Tihange lies only 60 kilometers (about 37 miles) from the German border, while Doel is 150 kilometers away, near Antwerp. Germans living in the area close to this border have been exerting pressure on the government to force Belgium to shut down the aging reactors.
Both of the reactors have experienced leaks and cracks for some time now. Doel 3 has a capacity of 1,006 megawatts, while Tihange 2 a capacity of 1,008 megawatts. The reactors are almost 35-years-old but are still generating about 14 percent of the nation’s power capacity.

New South Korea President Ends Nuclear Power

The world is increasingly losing trust in the nuclear industry. Actually South Korea is using US NRC's licensing process to bring on line a set of nuclear plants. It is was a huge scandal. Why would we be involved licensing a South Korean nuclear plant? I believe we have been charging the SK's at a standard rate of $250  an hour. We were heavily subsidizing this licensing process and diverting very expensive NRC resources from inspecting US plants. The South Korean economy is riddled with political corruption and they just impeached their last president. I guess the NRC would do whatever it takes to keep their plant licensing troops employee. I guess all the new South Korean new plant NRC licensing will stop.   

Right, any accident now would hasten the collapse of the system.  

I worry North Korea going crazy, then bombing a big nuclear facility. A kind of doomsday kind of attack. Even if a sub launched ballistic misses the site, it would change the landscape of the nuclear industry world wide. It would be unimaginable on a world wide bases...  
…South Korea’s President Moon Jae-In said that South Korea is not safe from the risk of earthquake, and a nuclear accident caused by a quake can have such a devastating impact. Photo: Bloomber…
South Korea to scrap all plans to build new nuclear reactors
South Korea’s President Moon Jae-In says he will dump the atomic-centric power supply and open the door to the post-nuclear era
Seoul: South Korea’s new President Moon Jae-In vowed on Monday to scrap all plans to build new nuclear reactors as he seeks to steer Asia’s fourth-largest economy clear of atomic power.
Moon, who swept to power with a landslide election win last month, campaigned on promises to phase out atomic energy and embrace what he says are safer and more environmentally-friendly power sources including solar and wind power.
The Fukushima nuclear meltdown in Japan sparked by a powerful earthquake in March 2011 sparked widespread public concern in neighbouring South Korea over its own aged atomic plants.
“We will dump our atomic-centric power supply and open the door to the post-nuclear era,” Moon said in a speech marking the decommissioning of the country’s first nuclear reactor, the Kori-1.
“I will scrap all preparations to build new reactors currently underway and will not extend lifespan of current reactors,” he said.
Many reactors are located dangerously close to residential areas in the densely-populated nation, Moon said, warning of “unimaginable consequences” in case of a nuclear meltdown.
“South Korea is not safe from the risk of earthquake, and a nuclear accident caused by a quake can have such a devastating impact,” he said.
South Korea currently operates 25 nuclear reactors, which generate about 30% of the country’s power supply.
Many of them will see their lifespans expire between 2020 to 2030, with decisions on whether to extend some of their operations set to be made during Moon’s 2017-2022 term.
Moon, during his presidential campaign, vowed to try to eventually shut down all nuclear power plants across the country, although doing so will likely take decades.
Major corruption scandals involving state nuclear power agencies in recent years and a series of earthquakes last year further fanned public distrust and concerns over the safety of the plants.
Bottom of Form
Moon on Monday also vowed to decommission “as soon as possible” another aged atomic plant in the southeast, whose original 30-year lifespan had been extended by another decade to 2022.
He also vowed to introduce “post-coal” policy in line with his campaign promise to abandon coal power to ease air pollution in the country, which has the highest level of small air pollutant particles among OECD member nations.
But experts say shutdown of coal power plants could dramatically hike utility cost in the country where coal power generates about 40% of entire power needs.

Thursday, June 08, 2017

Death on the Conn River Hinsdale Railroad Bridge: I warned everyone it was comming

I warned them this was a extraordinary dangerous bridge and a death was right around the corner. This was a totally preventable accident. I bet you the bridge is about 100 years old.  
Saturday, August 30, 2014:The Local Cult of Teenager Death: Brattleboro Ford and the Local Newspaper
This bridge should be torned down or the entrances should be fence off. Could create a fenced walk way across the railroad bed.

Bet you the family can sue the owners...
Recovery mission continues: Missing man identified as Hinsdale, N.H., resident
HINSDALE N.H. — Andrew Laffond, 29, from Hinsdale, was seen falling off an old railway bridge and into the Connecticut River around 8 p.m. Wednesday night.

Thursday morning and afternoon, the New Hampshire Fish and Game department surveyed the scene to see if it was safe to send divers into the river, while officers from the Hinsdale Police Department offered assistance and surveyed the banks.

Laffond was with a friend walking along a bridge linking Brattleboro, Vt., and Hinsdale when he fell. Two fisherman saw the fall from the shore.

Attempts to find Laffond on shore have proven unsuccessful. The New Hampshire Fish and Game department has been conducting a recovery mission, meaning they don't expect to find Laffond alive. Officers have traveled from across the state to find Laffond.

Lt. David Walsh, from New Hampshire Fish and Game, said he didn't have "high hopes" for recovering a body on Thursday. The department sent out four divers around 2 p.m. and were waiting on a sonar device.

"It's a very strong current and there is no visibility," Walsh said. "So it's the worst diving scenario possible, and if it becomes too dangerous we have to pull up."

The sonar device should work regardless of visibility. If nothing can be recovered through diving and sonar, Walsh said, the next step would be to "hurry up and wait." The water from the river should go down and visibility should increase within the next few days. Divers will rotate each day that the recovery mission continues.

Walsh has called the Vernon Dam to see if officials could decrease the water, or put up a barricade, but he said nothing could be done.

The rail bridge has been inactive for as long as Police Chief Todd Faulkner has been in Hinsdale, at least 21 years. He said the bridge gets a lot of foot traffic. "We know that it is usually [used] by individuals who don't want to be monitored," he said. Brattleboro's homeless population uses the bridge, according to Faulkner. It's not common for people to fall off the bridge, he said. It's not illegal to walk across the bridge, but Faulkner has had complaints about kids jumping off during the summer time and complaints about parties.

Faulkner confirmed that there was an ongoing open investigation into the incident.

The river is still being used for recreational purposes. Walsh said if someone finds anything relating to the recovery they should call 911. It's possible that a body could float down the river. Walsh recounted an incident where a body had floated 38 miles from Charlestown, N.H. to Vermont. If nothing is found within a few days, Walsh will be calling Massachusetts to expand the search.

The search started Wednesday night after authorities received a call for help around 8:25 p.m. The Brattleboro Police and Fire departments, Rescue Inc., and the Hinsdale Police and Fire departments attempted to find Laffonds's body but were unsuccessful. The area of the river he fell in was in New Hampshire territory, but Brattleboro rescuers contributed to the operation because of their proximity, equipment and because they have trained divers, Brattleboro Fire Chief Mike Bucossi said.

The search and rescue team had rafts deployed within five minutes of their arrival and set up a base of operations at the Riverside Drive Industrial Complex. Other departments were checking the man's home and making search efforts on the shore, Brattleboro Fire Captain Ron Hubbard said. However, divers determined after getting into the water that the situation was unsafe in which to dive.

"It's murky. It's swift. There's a flow of debris," Hubbard said.

Like New Hampshire Fish and Game, The Brattleboro Fire Department was operating a recovery mission.

"No one saw him come out of the water," Bucossi said.

However, Rescue Inc.was on standby. Rescue Inc. Chief Drew Hazelton said he had medical personnel on site to serve as a support unit. Rescue Inc. left the scene around 10 p.m., Hazelton said. Bucossi said his team started packing up around 10:30 p.m.

Conditions are expected to improve as the weather warms up and water lowers.

"We hope and pray for the best," Walsh said. "But we're prepared for the worst."

Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Junk Plant Hope Creek: Really, No Part 21 Procedure On Site?

Update June 13

I guess my information was wrong. Now a non dependable source. Had to run it to ground to the best of my ability. You lose credibility during a operation like this.  


3:14 PM (4 hours ago)
to me
Mr. Mulligan,

I am responding to your email dated June 6, 2017, regarding the Hope Creek Part 21 program.  I forwarded your questions and concerns to the NRC Region I branch responsible for oversight of Hope Creek.  We reviewed the PI&R team report that you referenced (IR 05000354/2015008), and talked to the Salem and Hope Creek resident inspectors regarding their knowledge of the Part 21 program.

You stated that the lack of a Part 21 procedure is contrary to 10 CFR Part 21.21, which requires, in part, that, “Each individual, corporation, partnership, dedicating entity, or other entity subject to the regulations in this part shall adopt appropriate procedures to… Evaluate deviations and failures to comply to identify… a reportable defect or failure to comply that could create a substantial safety hazard...”

The NRC Region I staff has determined that PSEG meets 10 CFR Part 21.21 through the implementation of three separate procedures:
·         LS-AA-115-1006, which evaluates incoming Part 21 reports;
·         LS-AA-120, which describes the process and expectations for issue identification; and
·         CC-AA-309-1012, which describes the process for conducting Part 21 Technical Evaluations.

While the Region I staff has concluded that the current guidance meets the requirements of 10 CFR Part 21.21, we continue to inspect Part 21 issues as they arise and monitor PSEG’s performance in this area.


Nicole Warnek
Sr. Allegation Coordinator

Update June 11

Maybe Allegations wasn't keeping the inspections in the LOOP. Maybe the inspectors answered me off the cuff without thinking. They assumed the Site had a part 21 procedure, but never checked.   

Update June 7

I don't know why I didn't do this first. The Hope Creek NRC's admin assistant relayed from the inspectors saying they "do" have a part 21 procedure. But they are too busy to talk to me.

Maybe it is a new procedure?  

Update: The Allegation official was the team leader in the below chiller inspection. The licensee had a horrendous repeated problem with trying to solve this part 21 issue and failed to report this to the NRC. It would be a NRC automatic reflex response to check out the part 21 procedure or any other similar botched issue in the plant. I accused the team leader, now a Allegation official...they should have picked up the missing procedure, they didn't do their job. It looks to me like you were protecting PSEG by not violating them on the missing part 21 procedure. This is preliminary information. This is the strange NRC's response. I expected them to either say Hope Creek has a part 21 procedure or not. Bet you the lawyers were involved?
"I led the biennial Problem Identification and Resolution team inspection in my role as a qualified reactor inspector. It was not related to my current position in the Allegation/Enforcement team. 

Happy to talk more about the Part 21 observation documented in my inspection report. Note that it is 2.5 years old, and I am not aware of the current status of any Part 21 procedures." 
At first blush, I find it preposterous a US nuclear plant won't have a part 21 procedure. How many plants in the USA don't have a part 21 procedure? It implies that many required procedures at many plants are missing. I am now working closely with the NRC as we speak. 

Does this blurt from the inspection report indicate the missing Part 21 procedure...the missing and late reportability issue?

Regarding Part 21. PSEG has no part 21 procedure.

Temperature Switch Potential Part 21 Issue Notification (NOTF) 20626121 documented an October 2013 trip of the ‘A’ main control room chiller. PSEG performed an apparent cause evaluation (ACE) and determined that the trip was due to the bearing oil temperature switch momentarily pegging high. The ACE cited electromagnetic interference (EMI) as the most likely cause, and the switch was sent to a vendor for failure analysis. In an August 2014 report, the vendor confirmed EMI as a likely cause of the switch failure. The ACE included an action item (ACIT) to evaluate the switch for Part 21 reportability, if EMI was found to be the cause and was determined to be within the switch specifications. This ACIT was initially due in January 2015, but, at an MRC meeting attended by the inspection team in late January 2015, the due date was extended to June 2015. The inspectors noted that, if the issue were ultimately determined to warrant reporting under 10 CFR Part 21, the station would have 60 days from the time of discovery to submit the required Part 21 report.

The inspectors determined that Hope Creek has not taken timely action to determine whether the temperature switch EMI issue is reportable under the Part 21 process. As of the time of the inspection, it had been 16 months since the switch initially failed, and six months since the failure analysis report was received, and the station had not yet determined if the switch had operated within its design, or if the failure constituted a deviation or non-conformance subject to the Part 21 process. The inspectors determined the performance deficiency was minor, because the issue is most likely not required to be reported under 10 CFR 21. Specifically, the inspectors noted that the vendor’s failure analysis determined the switch was only subject to EMI at levels below those typically present in the nuclear power plant environment, and below the levels that NRC requires electrical components to be designed and tested to NRC Regulatory Guide 1.180, “Guidelines for Evaluating Electromagnetic and Radio-Frequency Interference in Safety-Related Instrumentation and Control Systems.” 

A NRC Allegations employee recently led the NRC team who inspected Hope Creek surrounding a Part 21 issues. They had other part 21 issues.

Why didn't the employees force PSEG to write the procedure. This indicates safety culture problems and intimidations...
General Provisions
§ 21.1 Purpose.

The regulations in this part establish procedures and requirements for implementation of section 206 of the Energy Reorganization Act of 1974. That section requires any individual director or responsible officer of a firm constructing, owning, operating or supplying the components of any facility or activity which is licensed or otherwise regulated pursuant to the Atomic Energy Act of 1954, as amended, or the Energy Reorganization Act of 1974, who obtains information reasonably indicating: (a) That the facility, activity or basic component supplied to such facility or activity fails to comply with the Atomic Energy Act of 1954, as amended, or any applicable rule, regulation, order, or license of the Commission relating to substantial safety hazards or (b) that the facility, activity, or basic component supplied to such facility or activity contains defects, which could create a substantial safety hazard, to immediately notify the Commission of such failure to comply or such defect, unless he has actual knowledge that the Commission has been adequately informed of such defect or failure to comply.