Monday, May 08, 2017

Junk Plant Grand Gulf: One Of The Most Dangerous Plants In USA.

I thought over the weekend these guys would be at 100% after the weekend. I think these guys got the world record on a slow start-up from a outage to 100% power. They were some 96% power thurs and fri, now they backed down to 85% power. What a cascade of problems these guys have had in the last year.

Basically, inadequate maintenance, extremely poor training of licensed control employees and unclear start-up procedures. I think the whole Entergy fleet has problems with procedures. They should have never allowed these guys to start-up from a four month safety shutdown until all procedures were scrubbed and they get guys in the control room who got the balls to keep their procedures clean of problems, clarity and are comprehensively trained on their procedures...

Fundimentally behind this all is a staff who is under severe management intimidation from a republican domination (management ) and submission (employees) system.

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