Thursday, May 04, 2017

Junk and Dead Ender Plant Palisades: More CDRM Cracks and Replacements.

These seals have been a pain in the ass from plant start-up. They continually crack and leak. They always come up with a new miraculous alloy guaranteeing the cracks and leaks will never reappear. They done a costly complete replacement twice in resent years in terms of money and radiation exposure. I will never forget them titanium gonad shields.  
"The plant operated at or near full power during the inspection period until March 17, 2017, when the unit was taken offline for a forced outage to replace a leaking seal on control rod drive (CRD) mechanism 13. On March 23, 2017, the reactor was taken critical and the plant was synchronized to the grid. The reactor achieved approximately 70 percent power on March 27, 2017, where it remained for the remainder of the inspection period, in preparation for the upcoming refueling outage, 1R25"

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