Monday, April 17, 2017

Junk Plant Grand Gulf: Extraordinary Collapse of Capacity Factor In last Two Years

May 1

still stuck at 94%

Update April 28

94% for two days. I fear, if the delayed start-up is caused by poorly trained licensed operators and ratty start-up procedures, what is the extend and cause of the procedure site wide.  

Update April 21

Told, secondary side issues and procedures are slowing down the start-up. Tremendous turnover of employees mostly based on retiring. The problems with first generation of retiring employees is not a new phenomena...they should have anticipated it.
Tremendous progress getting too full power(not)...25% power...

Why in the world didn't the NRC catch the broad procedure problems at the plant or it was fixed in the four month shutdown.

Update April 20

Holy shit, traveling at warp speed...16% power.

You get it, they are not properly preparing the plant for start up and sustained plant operations. It was a reckless start-up!!!

Update April 19

What a rat trap, still at 14% speed. Doppler and Temperature Coefficient are weakened at low power. It is not safe for a plant to run at lot power for prolong period of time.   

Update April 18

OMG, they went up 4% in 24 hour. Warp speed now.

***Just within weeks ago, these guys just got done with a voluntary four month safety shutdown based on the incompetence of the license operators. They had a horrid capacity before the shutdown for a year. We are still waiting for the special inspection on this.
The problem I have is Grand Gulf maliciously and repeatedly shoots themselves in the foot, usually based upon perceived self interest....then the industry and NRC treats them as if they were a rape victim. You are all organizationally severely mentally ill. Come on, with the airline who dragged the injured passenger out of the plane, you can't tell me the corporation and organization around them wasn't severely mentally ill. Organizational severe mental illness is very common today.
I worry these guys are getting desensitized or numbed by this behavior in the last few years. Normalization of devience.

This kind of activity is yanking financial resources away from the troubled plant at the worst time.
Power history
April 13: 0%
April 14: 1%
April 15: 1%
April 16: 3%
April 17: 10%

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