Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Hinsdale schools changing the New Hampshire school dialog-maybe nationwide

(Ps If it is the kind of money where you as us give you a report every six months to a year –keep your money. What we need more than the money, is your commitment of time, education, experience –mostly your time over many years ... and your heart.)

Hinsdale schools changing the New Hampshire school dialog-maybe nationwide

Hinsdale recently passed a new school primary and secondary school bond and construction program.

Now what did they say about that just putting a poor person in a middle class pay class –you reduce amazingly their mental health sicknesses and symptoms.

So the experiment is asked –what happens if you putting a first class palatial palace of a set of schools in a poor community –what happens to the kids and what happens to the community?

So, we need benefactor or corporate sponsor -preferable a corporate sponsor- who would sponsor our schools to the tune of 10 to 40 million additional dollars. I really don’t know what the amounts are –just guessing. What kind of pride could you build from this in a community? We would need a very good architect to get us a world renown school. We could load this school up in the most up to date communication technology and computers –the most modern ways of communications and IT as a renowned business. As Bill Gates says, our high schools are obsolete –so we could have to most modern curriculum, the most educated teachers...how about wiring up our town for wifi... What kind of businesses would want to move here...

Can you imagine the media attention we would get? We would reset the school standards of this whole area –the whole state –what is wrong with a little educational envy? We could change the conservative education economic philosophy –property taxes- of the state through this dialog –and maybe in many other states...millions of kids....

Can you imagine as our kids progress testing results drastically improving ...can you imagine all the media interest in this –can’t you imagine the increase in pride this would make in the community –how it would change the community –how it would draw in success...growth... We could even have business experts come into our schools on a periodic level –teach the kids –give free lectures and business seminars to the local businesses on best practices and newest technology- get our kids going in and out of these local and city businesses and corporations in a seamless fashion with education.

We could change the educational philosophy and school taxes economic environment of the state of NH –and we would seriously challenge the status quo of the conseratives and half-dead democrats.

Imagine the changes we could get if we woke up saying –you know money makes a big difference in making our kids smarter and more creative. Here is the proof in Hinsdale –the kids get more stable -the community gets more stable –and more smart growth oriented. After all, our elites know that you need to give your kids the best education that money can buy...

mike mulligan
Hinsdale, NH