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President Elect Hillary Clinton and the USA's Electric Utility Nuclear Industry Establishment.

Clinton Cash: Hillary’s Spin Machine Can’t Shrug Off Uranium Scandal

Hillary Rodham Clinton

 Mindless Gods Of Nuclear Nonproliferation
Ultimately what is going one here, these guys are saying we are saving the world from the ultimate destruction through many multiple detonations of giant hydrogen bombs …we are saving the world from the deaths of 5 billion people or more people. If you scrutinize us, it will drive the planet back to the Stone Age. It is altruism corruption on a giant hydrogen bomb level, many nuclear weapon explosions size. A full exchange of nuclear bombs by many big countries. 
If outsiders scrutinize this international uranium trading scheme and who really benefits disproportionally…the cost will be a nuclear bomb holocaust a trillion times the size of WWII Germany.
Ultimately what you are saying, the consequences are so dire to billions people… some special people and institutional priest people are so important, these guys are going to stop this unspeakable planetary catastrophe…these special people and organization are so important to the history of the planet, these guys have to remain unscrutinizable. Everyone dies in a hydrogen bomb planetary wide catastrophe if you see the sins of one of these god proliferation people doing the uranium bomb material trading. 
It is the ultimate unscrutinizable corruption scheme the planet has ever seen. 
You know what the problems are with the humongous powerful black box or stellar black hole USA, Russian governments and USA Electric Utility institutions are: the institution themselves are totally in control of the light shining out of the their institutions. We are talking big money to secret elites. It is only a tiny bit of light that escapes, it highly controlled weak light coming from these corrupt institutions. Who controls the institutions, it is the rich and elites. Nobody can contest these giant institutions.
  • NY Senator Clinton: January 3, 2001 – January 21, 2009
  • Obama elected on 2009
  • Secretary Of State Clinton: January 21, 2009 – February 1, 2013
  • So this money to the foundation was all taking place beginning in around 2004 and 2005.
  • In the lead up to the spectacular 2008-2009 worldwide economic collapse, generally the stock price of our electricity utilities was in a historic bubble. Unimaginable increase in the price of the big utility stocks signaling a massive future increase in the price of electricity. Gasoline prices were going through the roof. We were in a dire shortage of natural gas and the price of this was just out of the world. We were seeing price spikes of natural gas that would choke a elephant. The high price of natural gas and its shortages, at that time, the price of natural gas set the price of electricity is the USA. 
  • Everyone could see with the air pollution in China…China had to go big time for survive into nuclear power.
  • Thirty USA nuclear plants were getting ready for “batters up”…in the spectacular new Nuclear Renaissance program.
  • Everyone worldwide was thinking about building nuclear power plants until Fukushima
  • We are talking about a huge demand of new uranium…
  • The Megawatt to Megaton was in full swing…
  • Was everyone was afraid the Chinese would consume all the uranium in the near future? 
  • The price of electricity is skyrocketing unabated today and heading much higher...
  • The problem with nuclear power today is its always been too speculative.
You get a whiff these giant institutions are rotting inside, but you never get enough evidence such that the elite institutionally controlled and privately owned 4th estate and news media never have enough triplicate proof (wink wink) to publish these highly secret stories. 

Are we really a transparent and modern democracy???    

The big questions my Clinton article ask: 
  • The big issue: In 2013 greater than 90% of our domestic nuclear power plant electricity came from cheap Russian uranium. Have we switched over post "Megaton to Megawatt" program from (wink, wink) Russian nuclear weapons USA's electricity into Russian internal uranium mining, refining and centrifuging electricity?
  • The big story behind all the Russian monies going to the Clinton Foundation is where do we get the uranium that power's up all of our domestic nuclear power plants? 
  • Does Russia really got the USA by the "balls" now? The problem with Russia is this nation has always been a black hole to the world…basically transparency has always been controlled by the Russian thug mafia. They only allow you to see what they want you to see. It is not a fully developed institutional democracy government that serves it people. Well then, does the USA fully serve it people? When was the last time you had a raise? 
  • Was the Megaton to Megawatt" program really international sized hydrogen bomb corruption... 
  • So we are embargoing petroleum out of Russia over Ukraine...we doing the same for Uranium going to the USA?
  • What is the price of Russian uranium doing with the high value of the USA dollar?
  • Was Russian fuel to going the USA plants subsidized by the USA government?
  • Where did all the utility uranium money go to in the Russia. 
  • What is the total US money over uranium that going to Russia. Bet, you will run into a grave National Security issues over this.
  • This was always a solely domestic story of what source of energy powers up our electric system and thus our economy, but wrapped on in the enigma of extremely secret national security information. This makes the system extremely sensitive to corruption.

  • Where does Japan get their uranium?
  • What would have happened to our domestic nuclear industry and the utilities, if we were prohibited from using extremely inexpensive Russian gulag uranium electricity post Soviet breakup? 
  • I contend the NYT's knows the outline of this story, but they are too chicken to publish it. Or these giant black hole institutions who totally control the information don't give the NYT's sufficient evidence so the giant newspaper feels safe in publishing it. Then again, the public doesn't care about anything electricity.
  • I have always had issues with Russian gulag and slave labor electricity!!! 
Did the benefits of USA's cheap Russian uranium electricity ostensibly go to the utility executive 1%ers…or did it make our lives better and support all of our businesses better since the soviet breakup? 

The FBI's Joint Terrorism Task Force interviewed me in 2010, I always wondered what they thought of me over my blog.

…The national security issue at stake in the Uranium One deal was not primarily about nuclear weapons proliferation; the United States and Russia had for years cooperated on that front, with Russia sending enriched fuel from decommissioned warheads to be used in American nuclear power plants in return for raw uranium. Instead, it concerned American dependence on foreign uranium sources. While the United States gets one-fifth of its electrical power from nuclear plants, it produces
So the NYT's admits 80% of the electricity going to our nuclear fleet comes from the Russian uranium. You see really how difficult it is to know where yellow cake or uranium comes from? Christ, American uranium could be supplying Iran or north Korea? I think the 80% for the nukes is much higher. The Times got it wrong. You can never can trust these nukies to tell all of the truth. It goes more like this, 80% comes from the Russians, a least 15% comes from other foreign sources and way less than 5% comes from US sources. How much comes from Canada...why doesn't the US have a list where we get our uranium.  
only around 20 percent of the uranium it needs, and most plants have only 18 to 36 months of reserves, according to Marin Katusa, author of “The Colder War: How the Global Energy Trade Slipped From America’s Grasp.”
“The Russians are easily winning the uranium war, and nobody’s talking about it,” said Mr. Katusa, who explores the implications of the Uranium One deal in his book. “It’s not just a domestic issue but a foreign policy issue, too.” 
…American nuclear officials, too, seemed eager to assuage fears. The Nuclear Regulatory Commission wrote to Mr. Barrasso assuring him that American uranium would be preserved for domestic use, regardless of who owned it.
“In order to export uranium from the United States, Uranium One Inc. or ARMZ would need to apply for and obtain a specific NRC license authorizing the export of uranium for use as reactor fuel,” the letter said. 
…Two months later, the deal giving ARMZ a controlling stake in Uranium One was submitted to the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States for review. Because of the secrecy surrounding the process, it is hard to know whether the participants weighed the desire to improve bilateral relations against the potential risks of allowing the Russian government control over the biggest uranium producer in the United States. The deal was ultimately approved in October, following what two people involved in securing the approval said had been a relatively smooth process. 
…Mr. Christensen, 65, noted that despite assurances by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission that uranium could not leave the country without Uranium One or ARMZ obtaining an export license — which they do not have — yellowcake from his property was routinely packed into drums and trucked off to a processing plant in Canada. 
…Asked about that, the commission confirmed that Uranium One has, in fact, shipped yellowcake to Canada even though it does not have an export license. Instead, the transport company doing the shipping, RSB Logistic Services, has the license. A commission spokesman said that “to the best of our knowledge” most of the uranium sent to Canada for processing was returned for use in the United States. A Uranium One spokeswoman, Donna Wichers, said 25 percent had gone to Western Europe and Japan. At the moment, with the uranium market in a downturn, nothing is being shipped from the Wyoming mines.
We are all worked up about Hillary as Secretary of State OKing the purchasing of one-fifth of American Uranium mining capabilities by the Russians. Then the Russian's giving the Clinton Foundation some $4 million dollars and another $32 million dollars worth of uranium money getting to the Clinton Foundation.

Now we getting into one of deepest national security and American electric utility secrets we ever have.

You know, from Exelon or Entergy, why can’t you go up to them asking where do they get their uranium from that fuels yours nuclear plants. I want the cheapest source? List your sources and their percentages? Why has this become so secret and politicized? 
Why don’t we get a choice, I want USA uranium or I want Soviet uranium? I want uranium source who treats their employees the best?  Where is out vaulted American choice. 
So I wrote “A Message From the Future” in 2004. Why was I all worked up. The big questions  today is over the Russian Uranium and USA electric utility monies going into the Clinton foundation. Nobody has the balls to get it. Do you really get it? "You sure." The American news media establishment bases all its reporting on having absolute triplicate proof on reporting negatively on our elite establishments. Our deepest national security secret the American electric utilities won't tell the the news establishment is where do we get and at what percentage... do we get the uranium that powers up 20% of our electricity?

Almost none of it came from the USA. Some 90% and as high as 99% of the uranium came from Russia. Nuclear electricity has the highest concentration of  foreign source energy than  any source of energy in the USA. If the Russians stopped providing their Uranium to us, this could created a enormus shortage of uranium for our domestic nuclear plants. 

Who destroyed the USA's domestic production of mined uranium, put great numbers of Americans out of work, extremely cheap Russian Uranium. The Russian's subsidized the great American electric utilities. Our electric utilities are one of our most formidable political forces in the USA. 

In the Sundays morning TV news programs these are the big questions:  
The Russian took over one fifth of the USA uranium mining capabilities.  
Nuclear power makes up 20% of the USA's electricity
I tried to express the system as the "Mindless Gods of Nuclear Nonproliferation". Coming out of the great fall of the "Soviet Empire" came the Mega Tons to Megawatt Program. Most of the soviet uranium, refining and centrifuging came for slave labor and little human health rules and laws. Lots of it came from the soviet gulags. The soviet's said they were decommissioning tens of thousandth obsolete nuclear weapons and very high concentration of U235 was made into 4% of so uranium oxide sold to our American domestic nuclear industry at very cheap prices. So tons of electricity was made from soviet era slave labor and come also from their gulags. There was rumors the Russian were spiking this weapons uranium with new mining, refining and centrifuging...anticipating the end of the megaton to megawatt(MTM) problem. The MTM totally destroyed our domestic uranium mining and totally captured our uranium used in our domestic nuclear plant markets?  

If the news media and our USA government really worked in our interest...they would do a exposé of where we got the uranium that powered up 20% of electricity...all  nuclear plants for the last 25 years?  If I was the coal industry, I'd be bragging at least coal electricity is all  a American product, but they know the guys with the humongous political balls is the electric utilities.  

“A Message From the Future”  
(I wrote this in 2004. It was then that I realized 90% of electricity from all of our domestic nuclear plants was sourced from Russian uranium.)
I am speaking from the year 2106. Our planet has just begun to recover from the modern dark ages. They say truth is stranger than fiction –who would have thought airplanes could be used as political guided missile messages that destroyed two skyscrapers, witness the Twin Towers in New York City in 2001. These are the astonishing events that led to depopulating of half the planet. Modernity dropped back a century in time on average to 1900 throughout the world by 2020. 

Ironically, this modern Dark Age holocaust saved the planet. We were heading over the unrecoverable cliff if we kept going the way we were. Human life would have ended on this planet earth without this nuclear exchange. What did we say about that life and evolution always protects itself? All of a sudden , the planet wide political pressures of global warming, energy and resource shortages were drastically reduced because of the planet wide human and industrial die-off. 

As we sit in 2106 on a global level -all of our political and educational processes have been drastically changed.We have developed a planet wide ethical and moral code. This came through a catastrophe of enormous proportions and the death and sufferings of billions of people. The way we look at our children today is so different than in the year 2004. 

We know that any child born on this planet has the potential and the requirement –to change the course of history of this planet. We give our poorest and disadvantaged children the finest educational tools that money can buy in the hopes that one child will change the course of our future history. Every child on this planet gets educated like this –and every child is our own child! 

The extremist Islamic Iranian wilayat al-faqih eventually got a series of nuclear bombs in 2006. They detonated two bombs in Israel, one each over downtown Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. The Israelis never knew if it came by missile or was sneaked in through the boarders of a destabilized Iraq. Israel within hours immediately retaliated. They devastated Iran through a series of atomic detonation. The Israeli military destroyed the capitals of China, Syria, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia (and Holy City of Makkah (Mecca) and Russia. You have no idea what this did to the price of oil –this was devastating to the global economic system. 

The majority of the financing of the Iranian nuclear bombs came from a surprising source. 
There is evidence today that there was an Al-Qaeda plot involved with the Russians and Iranians. It also seems that a few Russians generals held a grudge with the American involvement in the Afghanistan Vietnam. This led to the downfall of the old Soviet Empire. At the 2004 time frame Russia didn't have a real government –it was ruled by mafia don like figures.

The majority of the financing of the Iranian nuclear program came from the American electric utility rate payers. By 2004, the electricity in one out of ten households (update in 2013: one in five homes) was being supplied from the Russian weapons grade nuclear material through the "Megaton to Megawatt program". We were purchasing HEU grade Uranium from the Russian nuclear bomb building program and fueling up American nuclear power plants in the hopes of reducing the nuclear proliferation problems to the tune of one half a billion dollars a year. There was just too much money to be made at all levels of the production and manufacturing with this Russian nuclear material for anyone to have any moral qualms with this. 

A large proportion of the American monies got diverted into the Russian covert nuclear proliferation program that created the Iranian nuclear weapons. There was a theory that it was Chinese rocket technology that propelled the bomb to Jerusalem. It was common knowledge throughout the American political and intelligence establishment that the American nuclear electric monies were disappearing in the Putin regime. We knew the Russians would sell weapon technology without a hint of morality –likewise most of the countries on this planet would sell weapons without a hint of morality, including and especially the Americans. 

To this day, we wonder why the American CIA and intelligence community didn't inform the American public of this impending catastrophe. It is recognized that the American intelligence community was going under historic reorganizations because of the intelligence failures of 9/11 and the WMD failures in Iraq. It was discovered the American intelligence community had gotten even more blinded than the lead up to 9/11 because of the failure of the American public's responsibility to manage their political system by 2006. This became another item on a long list of American institutional political failures of recent. 

We wonder to this day did the American intelligence community work for the particular political regime or did they work for the people at large? Why wasn't the American intelligence community working for the peoples of the planet. What it discovered, was a common relationship throughout the planet is the elites had transcended into competing for wealth and power among themselves –special access to markets and capital. They had forgotten that they were given this privilege in order to create stability and progress for the whole planet 

It was a huge planet wide educational failure of theirs! 

Thank You, 
mike mulligan 

Hinsdale, NH
(The year 2020 isn't here yet, you still got time to care???)

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LER: Pilgrim Juno Scram and LOOP

Basically these are arbitrary points...why didn't they interact with pilgrim before this.

Should have had big violations seen in the 2013 LOOP:should have had special inspection over these.
Over the leaking Safety Relief Valves 
the 2013 LOOP
The difference between the 2013 LOOP and 2015 LOOP is the magnitude of equipment problems(HPCI, core spray and the SRVs). 

Remember I contend, as Vermont Yankee was collapsing into permanent shutdown, the agency was pulling their punches with Pilgrim. They were afraid Pilgrim would end up like Vermont Yankee... 
"Based on the update of data following the third quarter of 2013, Pilgrim saw its performance indicator for Unplanned Scrams (shutdowns) with Complications shift from green to white. This indicator tracks unplanned scrams that require additional operator actions and that are more risk significant than uncomplicated shutdowns. Subsequently, when 2013 fourth-quarter data was finalized, another indicator for the single-reactor plant also transitioned to white. That indicator covers Unplanned Scrams per 7,000 Hours of Operation and becomes white if a plant experiences more than three unplanned shutdowns during that period of time." 
Licensee Event Report 2015-001 -00
Loss of 345KV Power Resulting in Automatic Reactor Scram During Winter Storm Juno
1. FACILITY NAME 2. DOCKET NUMBER 3. PAGEPilgrim Nuclear Power Station 05000293 1 OF 64. TITLELoss of 345KV Power Resulting in Automatic Reactor Scram During Winter Storm Juno5. EVENT DATE 6. LER NUMBER 7. REPORT DATE 8. OTHER FACILITIES INVOLVEDMONTH DAY YEAR YEAR SEQUENTIAL REV DAY YEAR CITYNAME DOCKET NUMBERNUMBER NO. N/A N/A01 27 2015 1 20 1 ACIT NAME DOCKETN UMBER2015- 001 - 00 03 30 2 N/A9. OPERATING MODE 11. THIS REPORT IS SUBMITTED PURSUANT TO THE REQUIREMENTS OF 10 CFR §: (Check all that apply)H 20.2201(b) 20.2203(a)(3)(i) 50.73(a)(2)(i)(C) 50.73(a)(2)(vii)N H 20.2201(d) 20.2203(a)(3)(ii) 50.73(a)(2)(ii)(A) 50.73(a)(2)(viii)(A)H 20.2203(a)(1) E 20.2203(a)(4) 50.73(a)(2)(ii)(B) D 50.731a)(2)(viii)(g)20.2203(a)(2)(i) 50.36(c)(1)(i)(A) K 50.73(a)(2)(iii) [] 50.73(a)(2)(ix)(A)10. POWER LEVEL K 20.2203(a)(2)(ii) K] 50.36(c)(1)(ii)(A) [ 50.73(a)(2)(iv)(A) K] 50.73(a)(2)(x)K] 20.2203(a)(2)(iii) K 50.36(c)(2) K] 50.73(a)(2)(v)(A) E] 73.71(a)(4)52 E] 20.2203(a)(2)(iv) K] 50.46(a)(3)(ii) 50.73(a)(2)(v)(B) K] 73.71(a)(5)K] 20.2203(a)(2)(v) K] 50.73(a)(2)(i)(A) K 50.73(a)(2)(v)(C) K] OTHER20.2203(a)(2)(vi) Specify inA bstract betow or in 50.73(a)(2)(i)(B) 50.73(a)(2)(v)(D) NRC Form 366A12. LICENSEE CONTACT FOR THIS LERLICENSEE CONTACT TELEPHONE NUMBER (Include Area Code)Mr. Everett P. Perkins, Jr. - Regulatory Assurance Manager 508-830-832313. COMPLETE ONE LINE FOR EACH COMPONENT FAILURE DESCRIBED IN THIS REPORTMANU- REPORTABLE MANU- REPORTABLECAUSE SYSTEM COMPONENT FACTURER TO EPIX CAUSE SYSTEM COMPONENT FACTURER TO EPIXB FK BU M- YRT B SB RV T020 YLD CMP A544 Y14. SUPPLEMENTAL REPORT EXPECTED 15. EXPECTED MONTH DAY YEARSUBMISSION D YES (If yes, complete 15. EXPECTED SUBMISSION DATE) NO DATEABSTRACT (Limit to 1400 spaces, i.e., approximately 15 single-spaced typewritten lines)
On Tuesday January 27, 2015, at 0402 hours, while in the process of lowering reactor power, with the reactor in the RUN mode at 52 percent core thermal power, Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station (PNPS) experienced a loss of 345KV power resulting in a load reject and an automatic reactor scram. The loss of 345KV power was due to faults from flashovers in the PNPS switchyard. All control rods fully inserted. The Emergency Diesel Generators had been previously started and were powering safety-related buses A5 and A6. The plant stabilized in Hot Shutdown. At the time of the event a significant winter storm (Juno) was buffeting Southern New England.
I think the real root cause should be: we have plenty and multiple examples that of our switchyard wasn't designed for the climate, and we knowingly chose to ignore the great reduction in safety to the plant and surrounding people.   
The root cause of the event is that the design of the PNPS switchyard does not prevent flashover when impacted by certain weather conditions experienced during severe winter storms. A modification of the switchyard is planned to address the susceptibility of the PNPS switchyard to flashovers during severe winter storms.

This event posed no threat to public health and safety.


Pilgrim Station Nuclear Power Station (PNPS) is connected to the transmission lines through a 345KV ring bus located within the station's switchyard. The 345KV ring bus connects the output of the main transformer (GSU), the startup transformer (SUT), Line 355, and Line 342. There are four gas circuit breakers connecting PNPS's 345KV ring bus sections: ACB-1 02, ACB-1 03, ACB-104 and ACB-1 05.

The Line 355 bus connects PNPS to NSTAR (Eversource) Carver Station and is connected to ACB-102 and ACB-1 05. The Line 342 bus connects PNPS to the Canal Power Plant's Switchyard in Sandwich, MA and to Auburn Street Station Switchyard in Whitman, MA. The Canal Switchyard is owned and operated by NSTAR and Auburn Street Station Switchyard is owned and operated by National Grid. ACB-103 and ACB-104 connect the Line 342 bus to the SUT and GSU bus. The 345KV system is the PNPS preferred off-site power source via the SUT.

The 345KV ring bus design locates the power transmission lines such that a failure of any one line will not result in the loss of the other line. Specifically, with both transmission lines in service, a failure of either 345KV line will not result in a main generator trip, a SUT trip, or a failure of the other 345KV line. Either of the two 345KV lines is capable of carrying full station output and supplying station loads via the SUT.

The 345KV protective relay system is designed and coordinated to isolate system faults and minimize the impact to the overall transmission system. The protective systems are comprised of a primary and secondary protection scheme and are divided into four zones of protection.
*The main transformer bus (isolated by ACB-104 and ACB-105)  
*The SUT bus (isolated by ACB-102 and ACB-103)  
*Line 355 bus (isolated by ACB-102 and ACB-105 and Carver Station)  
*Line 342 bus (isolated by ACB-103 and ACB-104 and Auburn Street Station and Canal Station)
When ACB-104 and ACB-105 open, the main transformer is isolated from the 345KV transmission system thus resulting in a generator load reject event.

In addition to the preferred 345KV off-site power lines, PNPS has a secondary off-site power source, a 23KV line from NSTAR's Manomet Substation that provides power to a shutdown transformer (SDT).

During normal station start-ups and shutdowns, the station's 4160V demands are supplied by the SUT. Once the station main generator is synchronized to the 345KV transmission system, the station unit auxiliary transformer (UAT) supplies all station 4160V demands, with the SUT maintained in standby, ready to provide 4160V power if necessary.

In anticipation of a major snow storm impacting the site on January 26, 2015, Operations entered Procedure 2.1.37 (Coastal Storm Preparations). Procedure 2.1.42 (Operation During Severe Weather) and EN-FAP-EP- 010 (Severe Weather Response). During the storm on January 26-28, 2015, meteorological instruments at PNPS recorded sustained wind speeds between 37 and 61 mph with the wind direction predominantly from the ocean toward the switchyard.
On 1/25/15 with PNPS operating at 100 percent power, the National Weather Service (NWS) issued a blizzard warning for winter storm Juno. Wind speed of 40 mph sustained with 50 mph gusts and snow fall of more than two inches/hour were predicted. PNPS entered procedures 2.1.42, Operation During Severe Weather and 2.1.37, Coastal Storm Preparations and Actions, and started making preparations for storm arrival. Preparations were completed on 1/26/15. At 0132 hours on

First, they should have shutdown hours before this. But seeing they were not, they should have seen the light based on past events...they should have scrammed at this point. What did upper management advise to the shift prior in the approach of the storm.  
1/27/15, the 345 KV Line 355 bus faulted (for the first of five times) whereupon Operations personnel commenced a reactor shutdown at 0134. The Emergency Diesel Generators (EDGs) were started and loaded with the safety related buses. Reactor Protection System (RPS) bus "A" was placed on the backup power supply. At 0235 hours, the Line 355 bus faulted for the final time at which time the Line 355 breakers at both Carver and PNPS were left tripped open. This configuration left PNPS with one transmission line connected to the grid.

Honestly these guys are so dangerous, it took from 01:32 to 04:20 for the plant to auto trip. It is dangerous to take a scram because equipment could manually scram before the auto scram. 

Was the Pilgrim CEO stationed at the plant during big blizzards like Millstones??? 
At 0402 hours with the reactor at 52 percent power, Line 342 faulted resulting in a trip of ACBs 103 and 104. This isolated PNPS from the grid causing a generator load reject and automatic reactor scram. All control rods were verified fully inserted. The non-safety related back-up diesel driven air compressor, K-1 17 failed to start on instrument air system low pressure. K-1 17 failure to

That is why I hate this non safety air compressors. They are not instrumented up. You ain't taking rounds and readings on the backup air compressors knowing the condition of the battery. If they would have been instrumented up, an alarm would have stayed lit in the control room. They didn't test the backup air compressor just before the storm arrived. They could have had it running just before the storm.

Pilgrim had issues with diesel smoke in the reactor building last Nor'easter...did it occur this time?  
start was due to a battery low voltage condition. Primary Containment Isolation System (PCIS) Group II - Sampling Systems, Group VI - Reactor Water Cleanup (RWCU) System and Reactor Building Isolation System (RBIS) isolations occurred as expected. Reactor water level was maintained by the Reactor Core Isolation Cooling (RCIC) system and reactor pressure was maintained by the High Pressure Coolant Injection (HPCI) System. Once normal reactor level and pressure were restored, operators commenced a depressurization to the cold condition. At 0641 a Non- Emergency Notification to the NRC of the RPS and safety system actuations was made. (EN 50769).
During the reactor vessel depressurization, the High Pressure Coolant Injection (HPCI) System was removed from service prior to reaching the low pressure automatic isolation setpoint (Approx. 80 psig). Shortly after

There goes HPIC and one wonders how reliable HPCI is?  But the reactor was almost cooled down.
system shutdown, the HPCI Gland Seal Condenser Blower Overload Alarm was received. The HPCI System was declared inoperable. At 1656 hours, a Non-Emergency Notification to the NRC of the HPCI System inoperability was made. (EN 50771) Subsequent analysis determined that the cause of the overload condition was due to the inability to remove water from the condenser with the HPCI pump discharge

Right, having  in house supplied air compressors is the safest mode. It a big safety hole at many plants not having in house safety electricity for the air compressors. Lot of plant get into big troubles without air compressor and it creates damaged.

You get it don't you, the back up air compressor not working was the cause of losing HPCI. This reflect very poorly with Pilgrim's operation and engineering not being able to anticipate this. It is very dangerous with having many components failing in a plant accident.  

How many other not working air valves didn't also work.

Was this not modeled in the computer simulators. I'd like to see how many LOOPs like this was thrown, practice in the simulator?  
piping isolated, since the air operated valves that would normally open to remove water were unavailable due to the loss of instrument air when K-1 17 failed to start. The analysis also determined that HPCI would have been available to perform pressure control or restore reactor water level if required. Upon opening of a valve in the HPCI discharge piping flow path, the HPCI Gland Seal Condenser Hotwell Pump would restore the condenser level to normal. The depressurization continued using Main Steam Safety Relief Valves (SRVs) for pressure decrease and Core Spray Loop "B" to maintain reactor vessel water inventory. When

So we know from the Part 21 the 3C Safety Relief Valve under went severe perturbation due bad components and severely damaged the valve.

The question left opened, did the 3C SRV valve have indications of seat leakage and how long did they know it? How were the long term trends on the SRV tail piece temperatures. Did any other SRV have elevated temperatures. 

Entergy says they don't put in the right resonance frequency to the purchase contract with this valves...some abnormal vibrations on the steam line destroyed the valve.The SRV valves weren't sturdy enough for the vibration duty. Many plant recently have come up with the same problem...

I think think the manufacturer is building these valves with poor quality components.      
SRV RV-203-3C was manually opened, the SRV did not appear to open or failed to open fully. Part 21 Event Report 50900 documents this condition. Post-event removal and disassembly of the valve revealed damaged parts in the main stage assembly. Further investigation by the valve manufacturer is required to determine the cause. Core Spray Loop "A" discharge header low pressure alarm

Now we know another independent system was impaired...the A Core Spray was dead. It is implausible the B wasn't dead also.  
was received due to the unavailability of the nonsafety related keep-fill system due to the loss of power to the non-safety related buses. Operators recognized the potential for voiding within the piping. To preclude the potential for damage of the piping due to water hammer pressure pulses, the Core Spray Loop "A" was not used during this event. At 1626 hours, Residual Heat Removal (RHR) Loop "B" was placed in service in the shutdown cooling mode. At 1658 hours, the reactor moderator temperature was less than 212 degrees F. Prior to restoration of offsite power to the switchyard, the switchyard bus insulators and bushings were cleaned of snow and salt contamination to prevent further flashovers.

Basically from 4 am to 5 pm the main lines wasn't   available...13 hours LOOP. 
On January 29, 2015 at 1643 hours, the loss of 345KV power condition was cleared when offsite power was restored to the switchyard and the startup transformer.  CAUSE OF THE EVENT The design of the PNPS switchyard does not prevent flashover when impacted by certain weather conditions experienced during severe winter storms. CONTRIBUTING CAUSES: Previous corrective actions to preclude recurrence taken in response to LER 2008-006-00, Automatic Scram Resulting From Switchyard Breaker Fault During Winter Storm, LER 2008-007-00, Momentary Loss of all 345kv Off-Site Power to the Startup Transformer from Switchyard Breaker Fault, and LER 2013-001-00, Loss of Offsite Power and Reactor Scram, did not prevent recurrence. Previous cause analyses of loss of 345KV transmission lines failed to fully analyze all available weather related data to understand precisely what weather related attributes (and characteristics) were necessary to guide operators in making decisions to maneuver the plant to shutdown prior to or during snow storms with the potential for creating flashovers. As a result, Procedure 2.1.42 failed to guide operators to the correct actions necessary to preclude the automatic scram during winter storm Juno. Previous cause analyses did not effectively use repeat

Does anyone believe this. Like to have all the data on winter many alarms on the main lines don't cause line or plant trips? I bet they got a lot of alarms and no plant trips.on winter storms Effectively they were intentionally betting there would be no plant trip. Double or nothing ever blizzard.

2008 blizzard LOOP-Corrective actions planned include the following:

- Review of potential design changes to improve switchyard resistance to weather related flashovers.

- Modify and replace the input breakers on the X55 and X56 transformers.

- Complete vendor evaluation of transformer tap control board failure.

events to evaluate design aspects to effectively communicate the risk of the current design.

The switchyard insulators and bushings were cleaned prior to return of the switchyard to service. The following corrective actions are planned to correct / preclude recurrence:

* Implement a switchyard design change to minimize switchyard flashovers during snow storms
    * Revise procedure PNPS 2.1.42 to provide additional       guidance including the requirement to place the           reactor in cold shutdown prior to the anticipated         arrival of certain severe winter storms
Additional corrective actions are captured in the corrective action program in Condition Report CR-PNP- 00558.
The Loss of Coolant Accident (LOCA) design basis accident (DBA) analyzed in the Updated Final Safety Analysis Report (UFSAR) assumes coincident loss of both 345 KV and 23 KV (preferred and secondary) sources (LOOP). The design imposes a 10 second delay in re-energizing the 4160V Emergency Buses required to mitigate the DBA to allow the EDG to start and reach voltage. This delay also allows the operating motors to coast down to a stop to prevent being repowered out of phase. In cases where coincident loss of an EDG presents a bounding condition, the affected safety bus is not assumed to be picked up by the shutdown transformer (SDT). The bounding condition in which all off-site power and onsite AC (EDGs) sources would be lost is a Station Blackout (SBO) transient event (10 CFR 50.63). PNPS is designed to recover from the SBO event by having a separate SBO diesel generator capable

What are the chances the standby SBO diesel generator would have had a dead battery just like the backup air compressors. They ain't just pushing a button on this guy like they would in the control room. That is why a real operator would think the whole flex philosophy in bankrupt. You think they would cleanly put the one diesel generator on the safety bus. I doubt it. Minimum certainty is all the crews in training actually starting up the DG and they putting it on the bus themselves repetitively like they know the back of their hand. How long would it take to get cooling to the core through a backup diesel generator?

You got any proof with ECCS automatic timing starts and the rest, the start-up DG could take this kind of sequence???

Think of the political and public ramifications locally and nationwide in a historic blizzard, if a nuclear plant didn't have any electricity for three or four hours. They bungled the start-up of the back up diesel generator or caused a fire in the plant over electrical shorts I doubt Pilgrim would ever start up again. 
of providing power to the required safety buses to shutdown the plant and maintain it in a safe condition. Thus, the loss of 345KV power experienced by PNPS is within the analyzed conditions. During the event, the EDGs, RHR, Core Spray Loop "B",

How can they say this, the gland seal was dead because the back up compressor didn't start and no motive force to drain the HPCI gland exhauster to the condenser. Then one side of the CS wasn't pressurized.
HPCI, and RCIC were available. These systems provided capability to supply makeup water to the vessel and ensured adequate core cooling was maintained. During and following the storm, operators were able to maintain safe shutdown conditions (reactivity control, reactor water inventory, decay heat removal, etc.). While loss of power to non-safety related spent fuel pool

This is so unprofessional losing cooling to the Fuel Pool... 
cooling was a key consideration, time-to-boil never became an overriding concern with respect to reenergizing buses and there was no recently irradiated spent fuel in the pool. The most recent recently irradiated fuel was almost 21 months old, and the time to boil was approximately seven days upon loss of fuel pool cooling. The spent fuel pool temperature remained less than 105 degrees F. The Emergency Diesel Generators were started and loaded with the safety related buses prior to the loss of 345KV power. The amount of fuel onsite initially was sufficient to operate the EDGs for 7 days (under LOCA conditions) and the SBO DG was always available. Throughout these events there was no adverse impact on the public health or safety. REPORTABILITY This report is submitted in accordance with: * 10CFR50.73(a)(2)(iv)(A)- System Actuation,
 * 1OCFR50.73(a)(2)(v)(B) and 1OCFR50.73(a)(2)(v)(D) - Event or Condition that Could Have Prevented Fulfillment of a Safety Function.
 The Reactor Protection System, Containment Isolation System, High Pressure Coolant Injection System, and Low Pressure Core Spray System are included in 10CFR50.73(a)(2)(iv)(B). The Reactor Protection System and Containment Isolation System automatically actuated. The High Pressure Coolant Injection System and Low Pressure Core Spray System were manually actuated. Since High Pressure Coolant Injection System is a single train system to fulfill a safety function, the inoperability was reported in accordance 1 OCFR50.73(a)(2)(v)(B) and 1 OCFR50.73(a)(2)(v)(D). PREVIOUS EVENTS The most recent loss of 345KV power events at PNPS reported as LERs are as follows:

The most recent loss, because the whole list of LOOPs over plant life would be so embarrassing. They were actively not looking events that would show the switchyard wasn't designed for the climate. No doubt you'd never get any pilgrim employee to admit that.  
LER 2008-006-00, Automatic Scram Resulting from Switchyard Breaker Fault During Winter Storm, dated February 12, 2009. LER 2008-007-00, Momentary Loss of all 345KV Off-Site Power to the Startup Transformer from Switchyard Breaker Fault, dated February 12, 2009. LER 2013-001-00, Loss of Offsite Power and Reactor Scram due to Winter Storm Nemo, dated April 4, 2013. ENERGY INDUSTRY IDEBTIFICATION SYSTEM (EIIS) CODES COMPONENTS CODESSwitchyard Bus BURelief Valve RVCompressor CMP SYSTEMSSwitchyard System FKMain Steam System SBHigh Pressure Coolant Injection System BJ\Low Pressure Core Spray System BMInstrument Air System LDESF Actuations (RPS,PCIS, RBIS) JE
 REFERENCES Condition Report CR-PNP-2015-0558, Loss of Offsite Power and Reactor Scram Condition Report CR-PNP-2015-0559 - K1 17 air compressor failed to start following unit scram. Condition Report CR-PNP-2015-0561 - SRV-3C appears to have not opened fully during manual operation.
Condition Report CR-PNP-2015-0563, HPCI Overload alarm received during HPCI operation - Observed water emitting from P-223, Gland Seal Condenser Blower 

Cook Plant: Interesting Plant Trip???

 "manually tripped due to an uncontrolled cooldown"  
Honestly, you have a cooldown of a reactor still fully up a power by two failed steam dump valves slamming open. How many times have we seen this?

Outage began March  25? Must have just started up? Must have scammed on 20 to 30%. NRC says % last night and scammed at 5 am.  So it was relatively low power...transitioning onto the turb. Maybe not even at the point of adding heat. We are talking about a big cooldown.

Not even in the media?

They had a severe cooldown while at power, then they had to manually scam? I wonder what the max d/p was across the steam generator.

This guy is going to a special inspection...

"On April 23, 2015 DC Cook Unit 2 Reactor was manually tripped due to an uncontrolled cooldown due to two (2) failed open steam dump valves. The cause of the failure is still under investigation. 
"This event is reportable under 10 CFR 50.72(b)(2)(i) Tech Spec Required Shutdown, as a four (4) hour report; 10 CFR 50.72(b)(2)(iv)(B), Reactor Protection System (RPS) actuation, as a four (4) hour report; and under 10 CFR 50.72(b)(3)(iv)(A), specified system actuation of the Reactor Protection System (RPS), as an eight (8) hour report. 
"The electrical grid is stable and Unit 2 continues to be supplied by offsite power. All control rods fully inserted. Decay heat is being removed via steam generator Power Operated Relief Valves due to steam dump valves being manually isolated. Preliminary evaluation indicates all plant systems functioned normally following the Reactor Trip. DC Cook Unit 2 remains stable in Mode 3 while conducting the post Trip Review. No radioactive release is in progress as a result of this event.

"The DC Cook Resident NRC Inspector has been notified." 
There is no indication of primary to secondary leakage and there is no impact on Unit 1.

| RXTYPE: [1] W-3-LP,[2] CE,[3] CE |EVENT DATE: 06/30/2002|
+------------------------------------------------+EVENT TIME: 18:58[PDT]|
| HQ OPS OFFICER: JOHN MacKINNON +-----------------------------+
+------------------------------------------------+PERSON ORGANIZATION |
|10 CFR SECTION: | |
|ARPS 50.72(b)(2)(iv)(B) RPS ACTUATION - CRITICA| |
| | |
| | |
| | |
| | |
|2 A/R Y 18 Power Operation |0 Hot Standby |
| | |
| |
| System Affected |
| "Primary: Rx Trip, CEA, RCP's stayed on, PLCS" |
| "Secondary: SBCS Open, MSIV's, ADV, MFW, AFW" |
| |
| Actuations and Their Initiating Signals |
| "MSIS A & B @ 741 PSIA. Lowest Seen = MSIS setpoint" |
| |
| Causes |
| "Prelim: 4 SBCS All Fast Open . . . " |
| |
| Effect Of Event Plant |
| "Low S/G Pressure Rx Trip, Turbine Trip, MSIS isolated secondary. CVCS |
| remained in service. MSIS verified and rest, then AFW initiated. (Did not |
| want cooldown from steam-driven AFW Pp. Adequate S/G water level maintained |
| throughout. Approx. 50% NR)." |
| |
| Actions Taken or Planned |
| "EOI's: S023-12-1 (SPTA's), S023-12-2 (RTR), OI: S023-S-1.3.1 S0123-0-14 4 |
| Hour" |
| "E-PLAN Review P S/G" [decreased]) |
| |
| The licensee was going to bring the main turbine on line which was rolling |
| at 1800 rpm. Two steam dump bypass valves were open dumping steam to the | | main condenser to help maintain reactor power at 18%. Unexpectedly two| main condenser to help maintain reactor power at 18%. Unexpectedly two |
| additional steam dump bypass valves opened. When these two additional steam |
| dump bypass valves opened the first two open valves initial started to close |
| then they went full open. Steam generator pressure decreased to the low |
| steam generator pressure setpoint of 741 psia at which point an automatic |
| reactor trip plus a main steam isolation signal (MSIS) was generated, main |
These guys got a automatic scram and no mention of a out of control cool down?  
| steam isolation valves (MSIV's) closed. All rods fully inserted into the |
| core. Atmospheric steam dump valves were used to maintained proper reactor |
| coolant system temperature. The licensee said that they did not have any |
| leaking steam generator tubes. Proper steam generator water inventory was |
| verified at which time the MSIS signal was reset, then one Motor Driven |
| Auxiliary Feedwater Pump was manually initiated to maintain proper steam |
| generator water level. Main feedwater system isolated due to the MSIS |
| signal and the reactor trip. All emergency core cooling systems, emergency |
| diesel generators are fully operable if needed. The electrical grid is |
| stable. The licensee is investigating why the two additional steam dump |
| bypass valves opened. |
Hmm?  Cook must be in a media dead spot?

On 10/12/12 at 0420 CDT the Unit 2 Steam Generator B Atmospheric Steam Dump Valve (ADV) spuriously opened while in automatic control. This resulted in indicated reactor power exceeding the FSAR analyzed value of 1810.8 MWt. Prompt operator action was taken and reactor power was restored to within limits in approximately four minutes. The operators placed the Atmospheric Steam Dump Controller to manual and closed the ADV successfully. This event is being reported under the criteria in 10 CFR 50.72 (b)(3)(ii)(B).
10 CFR Section: 50.72(b)(3)(ii)(B) - UNANALYZED CONDITION

Thursday, April 23, 2015

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